What does a badminton kit include

What does a badminton kit include

I assume you are confused about choosing the right items you might need in your badminton kit bag.

Here in this article, I listed the essential items you should keep in your Badminton kit bag so that you can be prepared for any situation you come up with in any match ahead.

As a badminton player, you are well aware that your kit bag is your best companion inside the badminton court.

Therefore the first thing you need is a perfect kit bag.

Before purchasing a badminton kit bag, the most essential thing to keep in mind will be the amount of space you need to keep your things (especially your special racket).

Size is an important factor in selecting the bag as you should be sure that your kit bag is large enough to accommodate all the accessories and equipment you need to carry for your match. The flexibility and comfort of the straps while carrying the kit bag is another important factor.

Organize your badminton kit bag with the essential items below;

1. Badminton Racket

Racket in badminton kit bag

If you are playing badminton, a badminton racket is the first thing you need inside your kit bag. Badminton rackets come in many different types to suit your style of play or to match or play your opponents. You can choose the best ones that suit your style and experience level.

You need to carry at-least 2-3 rackets, so that you have a back-up racket in case the strings break or racket brake or want to change your strategy from smash to controlled shots.

For any of the above needs you gonna need a back up racket in your kit bag.

2. Badminton Shoes

Badminton shoes in badminton kit bag

Badminton shoes are specifically designed for the footwork and movement in badminton. Anti-slip and wear-resistant gum rubber soles make the perfect material for the soles of badminton shoes, while the midfoot part has excellent shock-absorption and resilience.

Those important characteristics lack in running shoes so never ever use a running shoe in badminton court. So get yourself a good pair of badminton shoes and keep them in your kit bag.

3. Shuttlecock

Badminton shuttlecock in badminton kit bag

You should have a tube of Shuttlecock in your kit bag. Not everyone will bring their own shuttlecock, you can carry the tube if you are the one entitled to do so. Choose the shuttlecock based on your skills and type of racket.

4. Wrist and Headbands

wrist and headbands in badminton kit bag

Badminton headbands will make sure that the sweat from your head stays out of your eyes all the time especially in those cases where you need to have more focus on the shuttlecock. the wristband helps the you in absorbing sweat from palm and offers a good grip. I enjoy playing with wristbands really much, have been playing with them for a few month now. Playing with them feels a little different too, kinda like I have more power behind my arm when I hit the shuttle.

5. Sports Towel

Badminton sports towel in badminton kit bag

With numerous uses around several different sports, the towel is actually a necessity in virtually any kind of badminton bag. Whether for wiping sweat, mud, or even various other tools, also remain a critical piece of a badminton player’s gear

A sports towel is useful for you to wipe the sweat water from your skin and the sports towel absorbs it very well.
Unlike ordinary towels, you don’t need to dry the sports towel when it’s time to go. To pack the sports towel, squeeze out the excess water, roll the towel and replace back into the tube.

6. Extra garments

Badminton garments in badminton kit bag

This one is really important, you must keep a pair of extra garments and socks. After your game its better to change your cloths to avoid getting cold or you may mess up your car seat with your sweat. Extra garment may be very helpful when you go somewhere else after your play session.

7. Extra Grip

Badminton racket grip in badminton kit bag

You need to have great control over your racket and to have excellent wrist action you need to have a perfect grip on badminton racket. An extra pair in your badminton kit bag ensure you have them with you when the old one wear out. So better keep a good one in your badminton kit bag.

8. Scissors

Badminton scissors in badminton kit bag

I broke the string, and just shrugged it off, grabbed my other racquet and left if for 5-10 minutes… nice little crack developed on the inside edge of the racket. Thanks, i found someone with scissors, and head shape restored after some thorough cutting. That much helpful a scissor can be. So be sure to have one in your kit bag. It is also useful in replacing your badminton grip.

9. Water and Snacks

water bottle and snacks in badminton kit bag

Having good nutrition and hydration are very important to ensure you have the fuel and fluid required to perform best.

Badminton is a physically demanding sport. You can be dehydrated or running out of salts in your body before you realizing it. To stay hydrated you can bring in a water bottle with plain water or some kind of sports drinks. You can also mix some rehydration salt to plain water to avoid cramping on your muscles.

If an extra snack is needed before the match, try a light, low glycaemic carbohydrate rich snack (low in fiber) or protein bars about one hour prior to the game.

10. Plastic Bags

water proof bag in badminton kit bag

It’s good to have some kind of waterproof bag to carry your wet sweaty clothes around after your game. It will prevent the rest of your gears wet in your bag.

11. Pain Relief Spray

sports pain relief spray in badminton kit bag

A pain relief warming spray would be a great item for your kit bag. You spray it directly onto the skin to help sore or tightened muscles relax by dilating the blood vessels and promoting increased blood flow.

12. Sports Kinesiology Tapes

Sports Kinesiology Tapes in badminton kit bag

Sports Kinesiology tape is used by athletes and physiotherapists as a support bandage. Used a lot in badminton sport. This tape is commonly used to protect ankles and knees from injury. They’re applied in a particular direction to support muscles, tendons and joints.

As part of the first aid kit, it would be a life saver for you if you picks up minor injuries frequently or plays a lot and could benefit from the support every now and then.

You can buy this online, they will provide proper guide to apply it for different areas of the body.

13. Odour eater inserts and spray

Odour eater inserts and spray for badminton shoes in kit bag

You’ll be moving a lot, your badminton shoe and socks would be smelly because of bad bacteria.

You should deodourise your shoes to make them smell nice and to absorb moisture.

It’s worth investing in a spray or odour removal inserts to look after your feet and footwear. The final pieces of essential equipment for the badminton kit bag and for your shoe are odour eater inserts and odour eater spray.

To conclude;

before you go for the game be sure to fill your badminton kit bag with the above 13 essential items that improve your game. Be sure to get a nice comfortable kit bag first then organize it with the above listed items to handle any situation during the game.

Play safe, play well.

As always, Buy original – Play original – Be original

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  1. Aswin says:

    Thank you for the informative article. I found several things very useful and I never ever thought about some of the items you discussed above. The odour eater shoe sole is a new idea to me that’s wonderful. Do this work? please tell me where can I buy it?

    • Badminton Guide says:

      Thank you so much for your comment, and happy to know you found it useful and helped you to organize your badminton kit bag. You can get a pair of odour removal spray or inserts for your badminton shoes online. Do a search and you can easily find it in any eCommerce websites online in India

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